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English-Slovak International Institute (ESI) provides language courses for the students interested in learning the English language for their professional purposes (English for specific purposes), and/or the Slovak language for foreigners from the CEFR level A1- beginners.


Our courses are held in classrooms in the downtown of Bratislava, or online through Google Meet, or Zoom, which is particularly convenient and safe in view of the current pandemic situation. You will save your time and enjoy your language lessons from the comfort of your own home.

In most language schools, students are taught only grammar, or general vocabulary of a target-language, which is, however, not relevant to their professional purposes. In our courses, you can learn some basic profession-related vocabulary from scratch (A1 level), so you don´t feel frustrated by overly complicated, or unnecessary language content.

Your motivation for learning any foreign language may vary- you might be searching for a new approach in language learning, or you might want to improve your language knowledge because of limited work possibilities.  You might be already able to use the English language proficiently and have experience with living in a bilingual family of American or British Slovaks, seeking a Slovak teacher for your kids, or relatives whose primary language is English. Or, you might have developed a positive relationship to Slovakia through your friends and you feel that the time has come to learn something about this fascinating country. Slovak language courses may be the right way to reach this goal. 

In our courses the topics are intertwined with grammar, so you learn the relevant language content. This could be particularly convenient to improve the vocabulary of your expertise and become more confident in a foreign language for business purposes. Apart from language courses, we also provide sworn translations from the English to Slovak language, e.g. birth certificates, marriage certificates, school and university diplomas, criminal record checks, etc.

Have a look at our choice of courses and pick the one which suits you best...

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