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We are "OLD SCHOOL":)



Our modules are taught in small-groups, or individually in one-to-one sessions and are mostly thematically focused on Slovak language courses for foreigners (emphasis on general vocabulary, or business in advanced classes), and Business English. This year we have expanded the offer and several new courses have been added, e.g. the course Language of Medicine and Science. In addition to thematic workshops, we also offer Intensive language courses upon request, which will help you improve your grammar and cultivate speaking within one week. 


As we are convinced that the quality language learning is facilitated by, and effected with the help of great teachers, our team consists of Slovak teachers with sound pedagogical experience and TESOL, FCE / CAE certificates as well as professional experience from the USA, UK and France. 


ESI Institute´s methodology integrates various types of exercises (structural drills, auditory exercises, communicative activities, spelling exercises) in class, including occasional Slovak translation, which is the most suitable method for teaching ESP specialized modules and beginner classes. The code-switching (using the mother tongue language) is thus allowed, especially with A1-A2 levels and cognitively challenging exercises (grammar explanation). Our approach is a bit Old School , but it is effective :)







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