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Janka Lokajová-  teacher of English courses for work purposes (business, technology) and Slovak language for adults; sworn translator

Janka focuses on the methodology of teaching English for specific (ESP) courses in 1-1 lessons, as well as the Slovak language to foreigners in the group courses. She studied the English and Slovak language at Charles University in Prague, English literature at the University of Durham, UK, and applied linguistics at the University of Pittsburgh, where she was hosting as a ´visiting fellow´ for one semester. In July 2018, she became a sworn translator entered on the List of Court Experts, Interpreters, and Translators of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic.

Jana speaks 4 languages- English, French (DELF- B2), Slovak and Czech and has recently started with learning the basics of Croatian too:)

She has been actively engaged in lecturing for 6 years - in addition, she writes articles, creates e-learning, and ESP tests for various professional areas. She also enjoys all of it! Currently, she is writing a coursebook of Slovak for work purposes. 



Jana Vydarená- teacher of general English courses and Slovak courses for adults and children.


Jana has been working as an English language teacher for 15 years. She studied English language and literature at the Faculty of Education, Comenius University in Bratislava. She gained extensive work experience in America, Great Britain and China, where she taught individual English courses. She speaks Chinese at the A1 level - her blogs about the cultural differences between China and Central Europe were a big success right from the beginning! Janka is an excellent pedagogue who can motivate everyone - children, adults as well as older students. Her teaching approach combines a direct methodology with respect to the student and his needs (student-centered approach), and the elements of the "old-school" methodology - frequent repetition and fixing of the language basics. She is very patient and the success of her students proves that her approach in teaching English is very effective :)

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